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Tumble Room  

What Is a Tumble Room?

A Tumble room is reffered to as a room filled with padded gymnastic equiptment, to enable an athelet to learn and progress new skills on the floor and on apperatious without a cause of injury.

Scandalous Tumble Room offers; Tumble Track, Safty Mats, padded skill aiders, Safty blocks, spring board and much more..


What will I Learn in a Acro/ Tumble Class?

Acro / Tumble classes consist of learning basic - advance skills within Acrobatitics , Gymnastics and tumbling.

All classes are taught from a basic level working on techniques and saftey, before moving onto medium to advance tricks or transistion.

Level 1 - Forward rolls, Cartwheels, Bridges, jumps and co-ordination.

Beginner entry level - we build confidance within the students to comfortably perform basic skills.

Level 2 - Back Bends, Backward rolls, Handstands into forward rolls, round-off's and Dive rolls.

Working on weekly Strength and flexibility, needed to progress into the higher level.

Level 3 - Front and back walkovers, front and back hand springs, Kick ups and entry to forward tucks.

Working on weekly Strength and flexibility, working on perfecting begginger skills and adding new skills to the foundations of previous levels.

Level 4 - Working on basic Tucks , Aerials, Floor work, sequences  and transistions through multipul skills.