What to expect from each style/class

TRAIN LIKE A PRO - Mini pro team training 

Who can join and get involved in these classes, what does this class entail?

Train like a pro has been developed as a program to encourage young talent to become a part of our productions team. 

Scandalous are renowned for their passion given to the youth of today offering them opportunities, performances and events like no other dance school in Yorkshire. 

Taking the entertainment world by storm the PRO TEAM always leave an audience wanting more. 

We never stop looking for new and up and coming talent, to join our ever growing team. 

We feel "train like a pro" is set in place to give those student the chance to step into the light and achieve the Scandalous dream. 

Train like a pro - Attending a minimum of  5 classes including the mini pro class per week. 

SO WHY NOT "TRAIN LIKE A PRO" start the road to success today and book on! 

Street Dance  


Scandalous are known for offering street dance classes, so what is street dance?

Street dance is a style of dancing to hip hop or other popular music, Scandalous want to give student the confidence to move and feel the music while learning a new skill. Each class is created for the right age group and level in dance. 

Street dance as all forms of dance need a strong foundation of different styles and technique to capture the true essence of the style. Scandalous Studios offer all types of classes to get involved in making your skill and technique as strong as it need to be to succeed into a young dancer of today.



Scandalous are known for offering street dance classes, so what is street dance?

Commercial dance refers to dancing performed in pop artist, live show, music videos and movies. Commercial is a super fun style of dance to learn , very upbeat and entertaining. Sometimes you will find street dance and modern jazz worked into this style

 bringing out the true all rounded dancer in you.  

Modern / Jazz 


New to our Scandalous timetable, what should you expect in this class?

Modern/ Jazz incorporates unique moves, elaborate foot work, large leaps, rapid turns and imaginative improvisation to bring and energetic and entertaining experience. Even if you're starting from scratch Scandalous classes bring basic technique to each class for you to learn and grow from. 

Ballet / Radar Technique 

Bringing core technique to your training. How this class will benefit your training and growth as a dancer?

Radar Technique focuses on pirouettes, turns, dance conditioning, jump/leaps and dance tricks. While ballet will be fusion into this class work on posture, use of the feet, fluidity of arms and a general knowledge of the foundation of dance. 

Lyrical / Contemporary 

Scandalous are offering classes in this style to enhance movement and passion when dancing. 

Lyrical contemporary dance is a dance style that embodies varies aspects of ballet, jazz, acro, and modern dance. It creates movements adhere to the strict rules of ballet and modern. Working weekly on music interpretation and build motions this class will bring the emotion to the surface. 

Acro / Acrobatic arts 

Qualified - Scandalous Studios New teaching of acro dance. What to expect?

Acrobatic arts is a unique blend of dancing and gymnastic disciplines that is taking ht dance world by storm. Loved by both teacher and students alike acrobaticarts is a multi discipline blend and is also know as Acrodance. 

Scandalous will be training each student in levels set by Acrobatic arts working on 5 main sections;

Flexibility , strength , balancing , limbering and tumbling. 

All students will receive progression cards and the opportunity to take exams within acrobatic arts syllabus.

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